Anonymous asks: ghetto can sometimes be considered a racist term bc white people often use it to stereotype black people or to call them trashy (not saying that you were using it in a racist way.) i think it was ok in the context you were using it in but it may be a term you might want to stop using.

Yeah I agree I truly never even say that word so I don’t know why I said it in the video like I didn’t realize I said it until someone pointed it out because its not even in my vocabulary

"I wanna be Kylie Jenner!" - me

He fingered me through my pants that night

He fingered me through my pants that night

Anonymous asks: Ur makeup video was actually so funny I lov it and u & also teach me how to contour pls

girl that’s what the video was for! THE FUCK? sike the quality was horrible and you couldn’t see it clearly i’ll show you in real life but pay me

daughterfucker asks: i'm about to watch you do your makeup for half an hour i don't wear makeup i don't even know who you are

hope you enjoy!

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